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What The Hell Happened?

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What the hell happened? 

The last time I sat down to blog, I vividly remember feeling inspired and positively brimming with creative thoughts and ideas that I was itching to bring to life and share here on this platform. I had just published a post sharing everything I'd learned from two full years of blogging and for the first time in a long time I felt comfortable and motivated to continue curating content. And then suddenly, without pre-warning, that feeling just disappeared. It was like someone flicked a switch in my brain and my whole attitude towards blogging took a dramatic turn for the worst. For two whole weeks I stopped curating content. I didn't look at my blog once. I didn't even want to. So, what the hell happened?

"I trapped myself in an inevitable downward spiral."

Just when I thought I was back on track with all things blogging related, I suddenly wanted to be as far away from it all as possible. And I think it simply came down to the unnecessary monumental pressure that I'd been regularly piling on myself. Between working full-time and curating this blog on the side, it was like the more I tried to do, the more my game dropped. I felt like I was running a race, but moving in slow motion, as all of these wildly inspiring creators effortlessly overtook me. And the more I tried to keep up for the sake of keeping up, the more uninspired I felt and the more I was burning myself out. All in all, I trapped myself in an inevitable downward spiral.

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Comparison is the thief of joy

But the thing is; since when did blogging - or any creative outlet for that matter - become a race? And that's just it; it isn't. It never is. And in somehow making myself believe that it was, although I was brimming full of ideas, instead of bringing them to life I decided to squash them into the ground because I convinced myself that nothing I could create would be as good as everyone else around me. I wanted to curate style content, but I feared that it wouldn't look as editorial and as polished as others. At the end of the day, what's the point in having my input, when you already have theirs?

"Every single one of us has something unique to offer."

As I reflect on it, I realise just how silly that sounds. If we all held the same thought, none of us would be pursuing our passions at all. Nobody would share anything creative, and that in itself is just totally nonsensical. Every single one of us has something unique to offer. When I look at my favourite bloggers, the ones who inspire me to continue doing what I do, each and every one of them offers something different. No two are the same, each one is doing something entirely different to the other. At the end of the day, it simply reinforces the fact that - as overused a phrase as it may be - comparison really is the thief of joy. Comparison stole away my love of blogging, and as a result, left me feeling uninspired and deeply unhappy. It stopped me from curating the content that I really love. It stopped me from just being myself.

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Shop this post (similar):

I recently read a poignant blog post by the incredibly talented Hannah Gale where she poses the question of; do you feel like your blog content is good enough? After mulling over all of these thoughts, the post was exactly what I needed to read. Hannah says it better than I do; but we all need to remind ourselves every once in a while that what we are doing is enough. Whether you are a blogger, artist, musician or something entirely different; don't be like me. Don't allow your self-doubt to stand in the way of what you love. Just do it, and savour every single moment of your passion.

"Don't allow your self-doubt to stand in the way of what you love."

And so, here's to getting back on track with doing what I genuinely love to do - minus the unnecessary pressure. I'm going to share the style content that I love - even when the photos have been taken against a plain white wall because I haven't had time to find an aesthetic location because I'm a h*ckin' busy lady that works full time. I'm going to share some occasional iPhone photography that I'm incredibly proud of - even when the quality doesn't quite match up to that of a DSLR. I'm going to post about *insert topic here* because I feel extremely passionate about it - even when it doesn't fit within my 'desired niche'. But above all, I am done trying so hard to be something that I am absolutely not.

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Do you ever struggle with comparison?

Katy Belle.
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